Discours du Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur aux Jeux Universitaires


Your Excellency, Dr Pierre Ismael BIDOUNKPAT, minister of Sport and Physical Education;
Your Excellency Paul ATANGANA NJI minister in charge of Special Cuties at the presidency of the Republic;
Your Excellency MBAH Rose Acha, minister of State Control at the Presidency of the Republic;
The representatives of the ministers:
Of basic education, secondary education, youth and civic education;
The Governor of North west region;
The Prime minister‘s spouse, Dr Linda YANG, boar chairman;
The pro-chancellors of all state universities;
The vice-chancellors of the university of BAMENDA and university of BUEA;
Rectors of all universities;
The chairperson of National Federation of university sports;
The senior Divisional Officer for Mezam;
Proprietors and promoters of Private Institutes of Higher education here present;
Madam Yvonne NGAWANYA, queen of the mountain race;
Woman who talks the GODS of Mount FAKO;
The chairman of the national Para-Olympic Committee;
The chief Executive officer for MTN Cameroon, the official Sponsor of University Game;
The divisional officer for Tubah;
Dear Elites of the North West region, in your respective grades and titles;
The lord mayor of Tubah;
Your royal highnesses, traditional authorities, custodians of our culture and traditions and the natural link with our ancestors, thank you for interceding for us to enjoy this teacher trade union representatives;
Religious authorities, whom I am particularly grateful for their prayers and permanent, dialogue with the lord almighty for our general wellbeing;
Your Excellency, ladies and gentlemen, dear invitees, dear students, the university community suffered a severe injury yesterday, April twenty one two thousand and seventeen in Bafoussam. In fact, we have once again been struck by the cold hands of death.
Against this backdrop, I regret to announce the passing away of one of the anthropological icons of our community, in the person of Professor NGUIMA MAWOUNG Godefroy, secretary General in the university of Ngaoundere who was called to the Lord yesterday after a brief illness in Bafoussam on his way to Bambili for the University Games.
While extending on behalf of the high Education Community our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and to the Rector of the university of Ngaoundere, I ask that all of us pray good Lord to forgive all his trespasses and reserve a very comfortable place for him , in his kingdom.
On this note, may we please rise and observe a minute of silence on his behalf?
(After one minute)
May his soul and the souls of all faithful departed through the mercy of GOD rest in perfect peace. (Please do take your seats)
We must always remember that GOD’s ways are beyond all human comprehension, explanation and description, actually man proposes but GOD disposes. That, no one can change.
Thank you

Here are in Bambili, we are indeed all happy to be in Tubah sub-division;
Here we are in Bamenda, in the company of the strong fantastic and dynamic people of Bamenda and of the North West region.
I humbly pay tribute, as our religious leaders have already done, to GOD, who is the alpha and the omega of all things in the world;
I sincerely trust the head of state, his excellency PAUL BIYA, apostle of peace, unity, fraternity in our beloved country will continue to support our cause and actions;
I thank all of you very sincerely from the bottom of my heart to be part of this opening ceremony.
I am happy to be in the company of this happy, delighted and enthusiastic crowd.

Here we are in Bambili, and me;
Here we are all very happy in the subdivision of tubah ;
Here we are in Bamenda , the strong and fantastic Bamenda pay and tribute to GOD, who is the alpha and the omega of all things on the world ;
Sincerely trust the head of state, Excellency PAUL BIYA apostle of peace, Unity, Fraternity and our beloved country.

Heads members of delegations of public and private institutions of higher education;
Member of the local organization committee;
Distinguished invitees;
Dear’s sponsors and partners;
Dear’s experts’ guardians, technical and medical officials;
The dynamic people of this beautiful tubah. Rural council, the city hosting the University of Bamenda, university of the future;
Dear enthusiastic and welcoming people of the North West region.
Dear student and athletes, the center comer stone of university games,
Dear choristers thank God for your angelic voices;
Ladies and gentlemen;
Here I am once again in this beautiful rapidly developing and transformed campus of the university of bamenda, the university of the future which is overlooking the mysterious and thought provoking mountainous saga hill, to preside over twenty edition of the university games. With my dear colleague of sports and physical education, I want to tell the people of bamenda and the people of tubah in particular that I am extremely grateful for the wonderful reception. Thank you for gracing this ceremony with you are massive presence! Thank you for being there for the university of bamenda ! Thank you for being there for the higher education system of Cameroon! Thank you for being there for us! Thank you very much for answering present! It feels good to know that the entire high education family is in bambili today for this free event.

Before anything else, I won’t particularly to thank the president of the republic, head state, his Excellency PAUL BIYA for his constant solicitude and for accompanying via the new university governance policy whose application is brilliantly coordinated by Mr. Philemon YANG, Prime Minister, head of government for the organization of the twentieth edition of the university games in the University of Bamenda.
I further express my gratitude to the Minister of sports and physical education for dressing this ceremony with his presence.
I thank the secretary general of the Ministry of sports and physical education, plan and regional development and finance for their support towards effective organization of the university games. To the ministers of youth Affairs and Civic education, secondary Education, Basic Education I say thanks you for your constant availability.
This is the moment for me to express my sincere gratitude to Madame the vice-chancellor of the university of bamenda, the Academic GURU of this university, and her collaborators, for this superb organization in the presence of such dignified and diversified Elites from all works of life . I am grateful to you for the works done in terms of the modern and operational infrastructure for sporting activities, feeding, lodging, water and electricity supply, etc. for athletes, coaches, match official s and special invitees to this glorious event . Thank you once again Madame Vice-chancellor for standing up to this republican challenge! It is evident indication, that the University of Bamenda is fast becoming the top notch university in the country in terms of the admirable and fantastic infrastructure already in place on this campus, the campus of the University of the Future.
Mr. Governor of the North West region, chairperson of the local organizing committee of the local organizing committee thank you for the wonderful job and thank you for always being there for us. To the chairperson of the National Federation of University Sports (FENASU), and your organizing committees, I say thank you and congratulations for the splendid organization and for the sagacity, pugnacity and dexterity with which you managed this event. The higher Education family through me will forever be grateful to you and your colleagues, Vice-chancellors, Rectors and professor of private institutes of education.

YOU’RE EXCELLENCES, DEAR athletes, ladies and gentlemen
The University Games is a sporting jamboree that brings together Higher Education students for sporting activities in keeping with basic ethical principles in this domain: fair play, rigor and moralization, with their cultural, economic and academic consequences the major innovation in this year’s game is the academic and touristic dimension which has been added to the games with young students given to opportunity to demonstrate their professional, technical, scientific, academic and economic talents, their audacity, knowhow and creativity in getting projects established and off the ground sporting activities shall be awarded prices for their hard and determination, the winners of the Cameroonian Students’ Genius and Talent Competition ( in French exposition sur le genie et le talent de l’étudiant camerounais, GETEC) shall also receive prices at the end of this process.
On another note, I am very happy to inform Higher Education Students that the process relative to the special to the Special Presidential donation of five hundred thousand computer will be terminated this year. As we speak, the Biometric List is progressively being constituted in all the eight State Universities, and the two hundred and fifteen Institutes of Higher Education have been invited to work with the Division of Information Systems of the Ministry of Higher Education on this offer . I have instructed all the Vice-Chancellors and Rectors to accelerate this process and make sure that they publish the list of eligible candidates and justify to the disqualified candidates why they are not eligible to this offer. It is only after all complaints have been dealt with at the University level that that these lists will be forwarded to the Ministry for the constitution of National Biometric Data Base of all High Education Students. I will like to thank and congratulate the Rectors and Vice-chancellors of those universities that are far advance in the constitution of their biometric list.
YOUR EXCELLENCES, ladies and gentlemen
Here we are today celebrating the 20th edition of the Games in Bamenda of hospitality and friendship . I will on this note thank Madam WANAH LITUMBE Theresa and her dynamic team of the ministry of high education for making it possible for us to be here today. Congratulations.
To the major sponsor of this event, MTN Cameroon , I say thank you and pray that your organization remains strong and healthy to always accompany us missions of teaching, research and outreach.
To the Vice-chancellors and Rectors of all State Universities and promoters of private Institutes of Higher Education, thank you for every effort you made to bring our athletes to Bambili for support this sporting economic, cultural, touristic and academic athletes and students jamboree.
We are aware of the theme of this year’s game “ the two thousand and seventeen University Games: twenty of promotion of talents for national peace, unity and the emergence of Cameroon”
Dear Students and athletes , this is opportunity you have been waiting for, this you chance to shine and shine with distinction, this opportunity to demonstrate your skills and talents, go for the best should win . this is your chance to add your one stone to the strife for peace, national unity and the emergence of our dear and beloved country, Cameroon . To the match officials, I am confident that you will be guided by Gods of sports to do a good job all through this week.
While wishing good luck to all teams here present and to the fans club, while looking forward to a final soccer potting bamenda, I urge all of you to make sure that this event takes place in an atmosphere of serenity, honesty, fair play and the total respect of all Olympic ideals.
It is on this note that I declare open the 20th EDITION of UNIVERSTY GAMES IN THE UNIVERSTY OF BAMENDA IN BAMBILI.
Long live higher Education Athletes
Long live MTN
Long live the University Sporting and Cultural movement
Long live Public and Private Higher Institutions of Education
Long live the North West Region
Long live the President of the Republic, Head of State, apostle of the new University Governance Policy
Long live the Republic of Cameroon
Thank you for your kind attention